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About Talkable

We’re on a mission to be the best partner to the world’s leading brands by creating thoughtful and personalized customer experiences that drive meaningful growth.

Today, Talkable is trusted by over 250 brands, with referral and loyalty programs that bring in over $1B in sales for customers.

colourpop referral program
shutterfly loyalty program
toms referral markting program
puravida referral marketing
crate-and-kids referral program
rothys loyalty and referral program

Leadership Team

Allan Grant, Talkable CEO & Founder Allan Grant CEO
hana wilson, talkable chief of staff Hana Wilson VP of Operations
veronica-freltoft Veronica Freltoft VP of Customer Success
ward parry, talkable vp of sales David Slavich Head of Sales
sara cook, talkable head of marketing Sara Cook Marketing Director
spencer-bailey Spencer Bailey Head of Revenue Operations

Board of Directors

Allan Grant, Talkable CEO & Founder Allan Grant Founder, CEO & Chairman
brad kam, talkable board member & founder Brad Kam Board Member & Co-Founder
summer lindman, talkable board member Summer Lindman Board Member
tk mori, board observer TK Mori Board Observer
jeff yee, talkable founder Jeff Yee Co-Founder
nori yoshida, talkable founder Nori Yoshida Co-Founder
dominic coryell, talkable founder Dominic Coryell Co-Founder
bogdan gusiev, talkable founder Bogdan Gusiev Co-Founder

Talkable Values


Act Like an Owner

Talkable celebrates autonomy and encourages employees to ask questions and understand why decisions are made. Everyone is responsible for Talkable’s success.


Focus on the Long-Term

We are building sustainable and well made solutions that will help Talkable to foster innovation over time. We focus on building long-term partnerships with our customers and think about long-term implications of short-term fixes.


Drive Customer Value

The success of Talkable is grounded in the success of our customers. Driving customer value is our North Star and we earn the right to grow with our customers every day.


Help Others

Leveraging different perspectives and having mutual respect for one another is paramount. We want everyone to be a team player and lead by example.


Pursue Quality in Everything

We aspire to make Talkable the standard of excellence. We’re always striving for improvement, and obsess over aesthetics and the user experience.


Share Positive Energy

Passion for our work and positive energy allows both our customers and employees to enjoy working with us. We speak carefully and sincerely, and are enthusiastic about the work we do.


Be Transparent

We are truthful with ourselves and others about the actions we take. We pride ourselves on sharing information, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.

talkable team
talkable referral marketing team
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welcome to talkable

What are Employees Saying?

What I love about being part of Talkable is that all of us are on the same page about putting the customer first. Our incredibly diverse Talkable family takes helping our clients succeed very seriously, even if that means telling someone that we are not the right solution for them.


Chong Choe


Talkable is a unique workplace that boosted my career. It has the best working culture I’ve seen, a very inspiring professional environment, and a chance to work with the fastest growing US eCommerce brands.


Eugine Dychko


Talkable is a great place to gain invaluable experience working with clients. It is very inspiring to see how the custom and experimental solutions my team is working on make Talkable customers happy! People at Talkable are amazing, and work days are never boring.


Natalie Zozulya



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